women are frauds.

fraudulent fake human beings.


disapproving approval seekers.

uncomprehending experts.

this is an outburst. there will be outbursts until i learn not to see them, be them.

i read a newspaper tonight, found it at rock-n-roll coffeehouse, free monthly, by and for women, we'll talk about it later huh, the table of contents alone had me wailing for a valium drip.

ralph nader, please belt 'em.

what they do is take,

this they call a gift.

psychological SLUMS


killing floors

open for business, no i said we are open for business,

now cross your legs, act like a lady

have a makeoverkill on the slaughterhouse

no dimension, no quirks, no decadence

self-appointed gatekeepeers of my style and expression

yours too,

culture bearers, queendom, aesthetics, bargain basement slaughterhouse aesthetics

no aesthetes allowed

trouble is a drama queen, we are wimmen, we see things, admit it now, trouble, come on, you must enjoy the fight or you-


feminine divinity, freelance social wreckers, hey

don't be a librarian bitch, if you can't tell a simile from a metaphor, it's wrong, trust me, you can't comprehend this b/c ideas are not found in your husbands portfolio.

find some other work please, be a nurse, watch people die, be happy death nurse, sitting on top of the morgue.

i like the fight

i like goofy dancing, i like girls, drugs, animals, all the attention, and pleasure too (webaster, hows the plane ticket "situation" coming along, sorry just askin for a long hard all-night fight sorry)

i like being alive, and i know how to work it

with vigor

it takes work

i respond in perfect accord to what is in front of me: sugar lovin vampires

dripping incisors,

out for blood, yum yum nourishing

unfuckable blah blahs,

cunning upsetters,

humiliated, ineffectual, naysaying, self-defeated penis envious vengeful eating disorders

support group yes womyn

today's lesson:

learn to say no

start with the insatiable ego

finish with the all-you-can-scarf-in-secret-buffet

let's destroy a word now, make people cringe like you always do with no hint of self-awareness-

um, is this a trigger?

i robin plan, am able to respond, like a gun

ye olde response-able, that's me.

what are you?


go shop now,

buy some shoes to match huh.














Copyright 2002 Robin Plan and  All rights reserved.