ok so that was a smash-up so now we type slower.

this is 4 hours since the IQ post, that was the hardest moment in my entire life so fAR and i don't even know what I wrote or what, i just type til I can't, send it, then he puts it on site and i call it an abomination, colors and fonts are all his fault.

the fake neurological fallin on the floor shit came with it, can't stand up cry cry cry you know what this means? the boyfriend, or the computer or the landlord or the coke can or something wants to off me. Spent 2 hours on that.

called hellhound by touching the button on the bottom of the phone hoping he was the last person i called b/c couldn't find nothin no phone book, fingers wouldn't work anyway so we'll see, no,

he lives in vANcouver, I live in texas, hang up it's late wonder if

it's not hellhound's house and you wake up a friend, don't even know who yu are callin do ya twitch?

he clls back, i spend 30 minutes accusin him of trying to kill me.

He took it. Fixed it, gave it back the right size, more manageable now. How could one man do all that in 90 minutes, he's just 1 person but he feels like an army.














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