From a Reader:


"Now I've got my bleeding heart/And I wear my crown of thorns/And
I argue/With the old men/About the Tapestry of Turin/I don't want
to burn in Hell/John told me that I would/See how they run/Sheep
to the fold/See how they fall/Corpse on the Cross," "Corpus
Christi," The Avengers, 1979.

   Quickly, T. is "poet," see from Robin Plan in Texas, C. and D. had a son in Los Angeles, and Ohio is a joke that apparently never stops. O.K. it's not a choice between Bob Dylan or punk rock, don't worry, kids, we can all destroy America together. I mean, Blink 182 and Sum 41 kind of need Jewel and I kind of need a response from really any of you, my kind correspondents. "Let's Get Lost"! yeah yeah yeah YEAH!

 Darius Smith


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