i'll write one hour and then go to work.

good news: my period's over, you can come back now.

no one understands the I.Q. feelings, it must be me (for a change), too upset to explain what it means to me, my family, the world we live in, which heaven knows can use all the IQ points it can lay its hands on. Ya listening heavenly father? You took them away, you can give them back. I'll take Robert Downey Junior's please, given his have been in a junk drawrer the last 18 months, if we can go by the tabloid reports.

hellhound came closest to getting it, but fuck is it worth the yelling? we'll find out.

no, it doesn't actually say genius on my iq scores, does it ever, is it even a category? it says very very superior (to what, you? ninety percent of the people i talk to? ok, i'll buy that).

but the neuropsychologist was sad you know, when he sat down with me, like he knew all hell was gonna break loose.

how can you be both so smart and so mentally retarded at the same time?

(god loves his children)

my boyfriend says put down dylan biography, read john lennon's.

already have.

read it again.

my captain, my captain, can't wait to decorate you, ha ha ha.

the retarded part explains my childhood abuse in a nutshell, the abuse by family and school and ya know, you, that's all they saw, it's out front.

the other stuff you have to dig for, no prob, since as you should know by now i carry a wrecking crew on my back.

doc says, these are learning disabilites, extreme the span is extreme. thirty points, female grad students, between cognition (thinkin) and performance (livin). put that in your pipe and smoke it. or right, you already did.

doc says basically wow you sure would be smart, if you weren't so stupid, i mean.

It's interesting, extreme.

explain it, please.

we can't explain these things.

well, fuck, let's specualte huh?  tell me which package i started out with, mentally retarded or genius?

blocked for the rest of your life for asking uncomfortable questions.

told you this was a hot button.

time's up, already? that sure went fast.

your turn on the cross continues when i get back from work, apace.

this is what you get when you mess with us.

have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!