In other words, are the bad people gone now?

My webaster. Computer mystic, started as a typo,

but i'm not the kind of woman who puts the fuckin letter "m" where it doesn't go.

He passed the test. Now he lives to regret it.

We don't talk about psb, we talk about love.

PSB still has a funny way of turning up on my computer monitor, this ever happen at your house?

(link 'em bob, straight to social, skip homepage dr. bob lifejacket thanks)

be civil about it too soldier

 invisible hipster dispassionate turncoat boyfriend takin me on in public, or do we get to pretend the first page of current does not exist?

Fine by me, let's start with the first one, the one i know is still in him somewhere:


(link 'em bob? or is this stinkin thinkin'?)


am i pissed? is he? can we be both disagreeable and in thrall with each other? are we ready to rumble, john/kurdt/sid/virus?


thousands of characters basil could have chosen and he goes with fallen angel!? well,i'll be horse-whipped, fuck, how did he know this? (uc!!)

Tribute to the new love of his life, huh good move,

as for


let the readers decide.

(you don't have to be crazy to go there, but it helps!)




















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