oh christ it started again yesterday what is it with week-ends and smash-ups around this house?!

ok, here's what happened:

i was writing a very confusing poem, you know what i'm talking about right, it's about men, er, un-men, i mean, no, let's skip that, so typing and here's what happened just like last week during my poem about psb called Killers In The House, which is on hold for now, ok, so it started, and it ended without hellhole EMS support, this need never happen again, here's the whole problem/solution template:


                   dizziness (insufficient novelty to be conclusive)

                   disobedient alphabet, keyboard letters get completely screwed up (good clue, am usually accurate speed-demon typist, conceited as fuck about it too)

                   words fail (this is not at all like me)

                   stuff falls out of hands, no strength, also limbs start jerking spasdomically (paying attention now)

                   everything moves 2 inches away from where it's supposed to be (definitive clue)

                   not bad enough to fall, or even miss the chair, (but completely unself-conscious and natural lithe swaying motion and wouldn't you beg i mean just fall on your knees and beg me to fuck you if only you weren't so happily married va-va-va-voom the brook runs into the river and the river is between my legs natural style and grace is in abeyance, very very scares me)

                   so i called my best girlfriend, timmy and gargggggggled my plight and she said hospital hey come on you sound bad, and i said i just took 2 sleeping pills and now i'm like a bridegroom standing at the alter, call back in 60 minutes and if i don't answer then you call the hospital.

                   lay on couch, soft ella fitzgerald music playin, cats cuddling, COMPUTER OFF, snore, phone rings in one hour and i am engaging Timmi in Neitzcshe's Superman Theory, shoving food in my mouth and drinkin green tea with Nancy Reagan in nothin flat.


hope this helps, i am trying to help you people.













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