doris day

personality disorder

(thanx fourth street!!!!!!)


what's it gonna be, hospital or consignment shop,

relationship or cannibalism, Fritos or pilates?

red leather yellow leather red leather yellow chicken

this is not a digression, it might have been back when a grilled cheese sandwich explained everything but no one could figure that out until I saw the

laughter crying

open air mental hospital  u.s.a.

bums sellin fuckin


birds help too

apples? they're red on a daily basis

didn't we do this already?

The Great Depression

think i'll call you suzy

little hats with yellow fuckin daisies painted clamdiggers

tv marathon, fuckin


propagandize me

put down Dylan,


heroin addict biggest slut in hollywood

don't lift dont steal 20 years of


and they put you on doris day TV shift

furniture i was the furniture bankrupt

the pump don't work until the vandal has been


try to be more careful

chicken! hawk!


love, girl trouble









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