are we ready to play ball now, or do i keep holding back in case you are here for all the wrong reasons?

so tell me, why are you here? do you know how much easier i could make this for you?

notice my little hints, ok, they are clues.

dropping my webaster's creds for example, why don't i take this all the way? have you asked that? this is how reading is done around here. my benefactor could come on troublewaits and legitimize (tell you how to think about) me in "your" eyes, (which would be a lie you fucking missed) but yay you could walk thru the door, and thereby lose sight of what's on the plate in front of you. that is my head you are eating, i have cut it off myself, and i am serving it to the people who've been calling for it from the git. i am not easily digestible, this is deliberate.

what if there is another like me who doesn't have a publisher to legitimize her website in the eyes of humanity? will we hear from her? has anyone seen lili? eat shit.

i live by example now, take it or leave it.

you wanna point to this site and say come look everyone this chick is crazy? are you telling anyone anything i haven't lived out in front of their unseeing eyes in dozens of american cities in 44 years? eat shit again, you can't hurt me.

oh, now you gonna beat me up with my own literary pretensions?


entire communities have been founded on kooky literary pretensions, sometimes communities even keep people together, in both senses of the word.

i'm a bitch b/c i see thru people and am not always nice about it?

how much fight do you think goes into making you take that first step toward me huh?

and when all is done, who walks away with more, you or me?

why do i do this?

good question, we can save a lot of time here if you'll put any questions you may have about me in a big email letter and address it to yourself.


















































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