Just spendin time now runnin around austin community first time in years and this is what i find out there: men with goatees. and i thought i looked like shit. why become something when you can simply wear it, huh? weak compensatory bullshit. don't become a woman on me now, please.

we morph, it's fun and safer than drugs, but perspective: the best minds of your generation lie starving hysterical naked in 4 point restraints, and you are duty-bound to them to do more than wear their goatee. listen please, the hospital is not the best place for these people and you are eligible to join the club. do you know what goes on in there? do you want to sleep tonight? don't make me draw you a picture.


look at me please. no, put down the remote and look at me.

i am what is on teevee, and i am in front of you, sort of.

teevee and computers have an off switch and people don't huh. gotcha. but no, people really do have off switches. don't read hyperbolic nonsense into my speech, ok, let me handle that, this is not an entertainment website and i am not here to off myself so i can go down in history as another shmoe for the unspeakable cause. the off switch i'm speakin of is not high drama, just a part of anyone, self-mastery determines whether the switch goes on and off with something akin to flexibility, nufsed? good. thought this might be worth mentioning.

i am not on teevee, but i am at least as real as what you see on teevee. i know, it's hard, some things you just have to take on faith.

most people i loved are gong, their memories are what linger on media screens. best minds of our generation and so forth. i hope that never happens to us. we could be turning into teevee people as i write this, we are all broke, under-represented and screwed up. those of us ineligble for bedlam because of our college degrees turn into teevee people too, the paradigm holds, but the fare is just frankly lame compared to the programs some of the less contrived among of us are running.

ok, none of us are technology, sorry, someone had to say it, i thought Patti Smith was supposed to have already covered all this, but i've been to austin, and am merely askin, was she shirkin, or did you forget?

it's easy to do that. morph. many people want us not to succumb to this, there are human beings still on the planet, they are smart, have influence, and like us plenty, as we are, reruns and all. i am in hot pursuit of these phantoms, wake 'em up, get 'em in our corner for all the spectacular beatings to come. meanwhile don't forget, don't go home and become an american woman, all right?  don't turn into the teevee.



love, trouble



















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