hey listen guess who's more fucked up than Lottie? No

come on, guess-of all the possibilites, what could possibly still suck?

ya know what sucks? still? and no one cares but me?!!


linearity. whole fucking  numbers one through q.

oh i know we need to have them for protection, transportation, sex and money and stuff, but you'll never catch me wearing a watch.


invented by:



facilitate commerce and industrysnore

women timekeeper:

menarche, ovulation, menstruation, menopause, the moon and the tide and whatever the fuck i say it is, chances are you don't have a fuckin clue!!!!!!!

doesn't matter, melt the clocks, read books, einstein, time does not exist, einstein, does not fuckin exist world, still manages to ruin everything, everything wrong totally fuckin connected to everyone's insanely symbolic feelings about time, get spooky with it, it doesn't exist, you can't go forth and get eternal life from a schedule, a dayplanner, all this destroys friendships, it comes from logic, get a clue,  logic!!!

logic sucks life out of  the art of the obvious, no wonder Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole, asshole, it's ruining everything, devaluing chaos, makes men perpetrate, never listen, never understand when it's all their fault, against cats, shoot people, cut everyone off in traffic, sense of obligation limited to chipping away at what remains of my self-esteem, hand him another tit-commercial beer, do all the work in the relationshop for nothin, oh poppa, the abyss is such a harsh harsh mistress, why don't you leave her and come home to me?

money, transportation, stuff, sorry no sex, all out of protection, thanx!!!




















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