how high school drop-outs read me:

better than you.

hey, troublesome here, goin all experimental here, don't wanna lose the uneducated out of deliberate

inscrutability (asian's main social con)

which btw, is a good way to be in open air american psych-ward grocery stores. our only power you know is in self-expression. we can usually manage that, huh, once terror is put in its place. inscrutability is self-expression.


if you're like me (trash, unwanted, marked for death and good riddance by sins-of-ommission mental health providers, whose job it is to promote mental health in productive american conformists by killing the best scary  minds of their generation; aka: mine)

anyway your health and your teeth probably suck. i lost half my teeth starting age 8, they had deep cavities, right, extra step for the welfare dentist, but we'll just yank 'em, she won't be around long enough to use them. disturbing? or do i have this all wrong too?

ok, they let your teeth


so how do you think they tended to your

mind? you tell me

 so we got no education. fuckem, we learn by learning.


came across a book on cracking poetry, this may help, if not, skip along, it will come to you later.


here we go:


my language is figuartive. not what it first appears, ok, here are 5 things that turn up time and again.


1. allegory.

this means you figure it out, dollface, add something to it. try, it's fun.

ok fine, emily dickenson get your ass in here, show 'em.

"Because i could not stop for Death-

He kindly stopped for me-

The carriage held just but ourselfs-

And immortality.

what's up with this?

Death is the coachman, see?


2. ambiguity

this is when a bunch of meanings exist in same fuckin

word. we are good at this, the overeducated are lost in literalism, use it. figure it out, find the meaning that fits.


3. connotation/detonation:

connotation: is an unthreatening general usage term:

 behave and go to sleep now.

looks innocent enough, huh. this is why i laugh out loud whenever i deal with the fucks.

denotation: dictionary meaning of word, the truth


"she was the sickle

i, poor i the rake."

rake includes both connotation and denotation. rake is what you fix yard with, on the other hand a rake is what seduces, abandons and then then steals all your fuckin  cigarette money.


life story:


2 weeks after Sar's funeral bill collector calls, i am tying the

noose right, bibble-babble-crying say- bill collector i'm severly mentally ill, can't talk now am having existential crises. here's what she says:

"go on...."

ha ha ha ha , you gotta stick around kids, the comic relief is a fuckin blast.


5. symbolism:

how headcases think, speak, and find each other.

is when a touchable (ha ha) object stands in for abstract concept:

time is money.

school's out. remember it's a novel you're reading, start at the beginning or waste your time.

hope these explantions help.

they help me, and i am

 one major headcase twitch, ever notice?


now try these new skills on what you just read here. ha.

what do i mean by "sins-of-omission"?

wrong! get obvious with me here!

"we are the experts and we don't think you matter. why do you?"

who are the sinners? who are the omitters?

aforementioned literary heading this falls under:

fuck with us and we'll fuck with you!



love trouble



ideas from How To Interpret Poetry

Laurie E. Rozakis, ph.D

The State University of New York

Macmillian Books 1998

five bucks at half-price bookstores










Copyright 2002 Robin Plan and  All rights reserved.