From a Reader:


Imagine a friend from the Federal Reserve walking through our
distressed neighborhoods with all kinds of cash and gold instead
of all these penniless priests! Let's find a parking lot where we
can erect a field of crosses for these frauds, I mean really, man...
   If you CAN'T reply to Our Sporty Spice first of all I feel sorry
for you and after that...there's a keyboard right in front of you,
a machine, less than any real effort, I mean what's wrong, do you
have cancer? aids? Or if you had the fatal illness would you be
more likely to make the effort? What is wrong with you? tell me
   All right, girlfriends and boy wellwishers, how about some

I don't care about your warnings, this is REAL--
Yeah, she's fourteen, I'm aware of that fact, fine, fine--
Yeah, this hallucinogen is super dangerous, I won't forget--
Yeah, we'll all be killed for certain if we try, I'll remember--
Understand, please, this is NOT for suicide, this is a REAL
attempt to improve the quality of our lives, that's all.
Have you really never heard of RISK? Sporty Spice is about
to murder you, no really I am Sporty Spice and I am going to
kill you in about five seconds. Yeah, that's me Sporty Spice
in that commercial, on the cover of all kinds of magazines,
my other name is THE DREAM SYNDICATE "The Days of Wine and Roses,"
Ruby, 1982. "Yeah, you say it's a waste/Aw not to look at this
face/Yeah, it means nothing to me/Aw and the stars at the show/
Yeah, may as well be for show" and "Don't believe the things you see on
t.v./Cause they'll never happen to you/No, no, not on Halloween."
So, you're either WITH Sporty Spice or you probably never existed.

Darius Smith

  webaster this little shit will not talk straight, i beg him to
  talk to ME but this is what comes, get it up please, i don't
  care anymore how it looks, sorry if it's all alotta lottie work
  but i don't know how to do any of the techstuff yet. he is so
  suicidal i could strangle him.
  boys! can't live w/out  'em and can't live w/out 'em.



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