stacking corpses, feeling sensitive


could a sensitive person read, much less discuss a book out loud written by and about the perils of highly sensitive people without first showing the rest of cringing humanity a hole somewhere to get sick in?




she mouthed off.

said, this shithole has gone down hill fast. i'm gong, so long all.


and the deeply sensitive people?


conducted shameless four day seminar of mutual masturbation regarding beauty of heightened sensitivity, how nice to find other highly qualified highly sensitive souls to relate to in such insensitive world


and Lili?


what Lili? she mouthed off, remember? blatant incivility.


good-bye to bad rubbish, huh.


makes you wonder, what the hell is sensitivity.



Lili is sensitivity.




yes, a rare quality, it generally makes people very complex, very self-destructive, beat their head on the pavement, worried about forgotten lilis by people way too sensitive to be bothered, badge-of-honor-wearing-proud-to-be-non-garment-wrenching-sean-penn-fist-in-the-face-lottie-shredding-genuine-article-ass-holes, shall i defend the argument or do narcissists leave now?









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