hi austin,

you must agree the falling down bullshit has got to stop.

website won't survive if i don't get some goddamn drugs.

i know what dr. fuckhead will offer, i need a med student to help me now.


i been on it before, made me calm made me snore-

i need benzos why are they so fuckin stingy with the benzodiazepams?

anyone know an M.D. in austin who hands this shit out?

PPO Aetna, 20 dollar co-pay, in other words can we get a fuckin move on, we got us a paying customer and she is ready to order. tranks. nice legal fda approved tranques. this will keep me from falling down when the hysteria kicks in, christ, i don't what century this is but it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks, slackers, shirkers, and dot.com rabble-unrousers,


robin m. plan



(webester: please fix email address, i forgot hon, thanks!!!)