But Not When I'm Sleepin, THANKS

Hello followers,

Just thought you might like to know that
a deer in the woods
let me walk up and pet it today, i pull
into cleanin client's
50 mile long circular driveway there's a
young doe
obstructing, perpetrating on my time,
my space,
visions, etc etc, so i stop and watch it, it
stops to watch
me, two native creatures who actually
have a right to be
on planet, just nibbling in the green
gorgeous Austin
greenland, and the mom deer, which as
you should know
by now was really my own mom, acting
like a deer,
did what moms everywhere do, took all
of 5 seconds
to abdicate, so i went over and made
friends with me, then ten minutes later,
she comes back,
me and baby deer were fine until then,
drinkin green tea and deciding who gets
to fuck Nancy Reagan next, hi mom, of
course i could have killed and eaten
your bastard daughter by now (people
do this bob), but hey, welcome back,
whatever your particular, idiosyncratic
self-obsessive pace of er, development.
What can i tell you?
i'm in love, i do what i want.
i finally get to do what i want.

Love mahatma


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